PowerPriceAction.com Course Review

Power Price Action Trading is a day trading course that teaches how to day trade consistently and intelligently by breaking the most common trading mistake that traders make.  Even some of the most experienced traders still trade by chasing indicators and other technical tools looking for that Holy Grail that doesn’t exist.

Traders that realize that indicators lag and are overall inaccurate, save years of time and heaps of money otherwise spent.  Price action trading, the concept of trading bare without indicators, puts you in control.

The Power Price Action Trading method uses a common sense approach to teach price action trading with trades that are easy to identify and have clear, objective rules and setups.

The author, John Paul, is the founder of DayTradeToWin and a pioneer of price action trading.  John has been teaching hundreds of traders all around the world on how to simplify their trading by using the price behavior as the ‘indicator’ needed.

The Power Price Action Trading method is comprehensive and unique because it provides an understanding of how price works, allowing you to adapt to any market and predict/respond to the direction of price ahead of other traders.

FREE 8 weeks of Live “on the market” training

The complete 7-DVD package is mailed to you along with the Training Workbook, the entire 9-chapter course educating from the ground up.

No prior day trading experience is needed. The course will teach you exactly  how to interpret the market behavior and handle spontaneous market situations.  You’ll wake up each morning with confidence in your trading and in the daily result you set for yourself.  Apply yourself using the right tools to put your effort to good use and make the money through training that you always wanted.


  1. good to see another product by john paul… he’s really great and i have the ato and atlas line from daytradetowin that i day trade the es emini with. if this power price action is half as good, i’m on board!

  2. I gotta say I’m quite impressed that this is a mailed package with all the material, DVDs, manual and etc! I’m old fashioned and prefer hard copies :)

  3. PowerPriceActionMarch 28, 2011 at 4:18 pm

    does price action trading depend on the market and/or volatility? i am also to curious seeing how it handles news events

  4. does price action trading depend on the market and/or volatility? i am also to curious seeing how it handles news events

  5. herman velasqApril 20, 2011 at 3:38 pm

    does this come with a software too?
    i have the at the open ato method which i very happy with
    ato only trades emini tho
    im looking to day trade currencies too so this might be perfect for me
    i like that it comes with training too

  6. I live in the UK. Do the DVDs work on international format?


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